Aurora has been home for the majority of my life. Like many of our kids, my father and mother weren’t around, and while my grandmothers did their best, life was arduous and I was determined to make life different for myself. I was a first generation college student and had to navigate college with no experience. During my time at the University of Northern Colorado (UNCO), I was involved with the education program and Greeley School District 6 as an AVID tutor. I went on to graduate from UNCO and was the first in my family to achieve this, but I will not be the last! Now, with four beautiful kids, I can raise them with the tools needed to shape successful futures for themselves. 

After college, I moved back to  Aurora and began working as a Paraeducator at Overland High School. I also had the pleasure of working at Excelsior Youth Services Center as a Teacher’s Assistant. Excelsior was a residential treatment facility for young ladies who were involved in the criminal justice system.  After spending the first few years working  in Aurora, I relocated to Gilliam Youth Services Center and took a job as the Recreation Coordinator with Denver Public Schools. There, I had the opportunity to work one on one with juveniles who were adjudicated or pre-adjudicated and help them develop post release plans for success. I wasn’t the best student growing up, so It is my duty to give back to ensure that the youth doesn’t make the same mistakes that I made.

I am currently an  8th grade math teacher in Aurora. I will be going into my second year of teaching in the fall and absolutely love what I do. However, I feel like our voice on the APS School Board is needed now more than ever. My perspective as a parent, teacher, and community member of Aurora makes me the ideal candidate for a seat. The connections that were made with community members and organizations will be imperative to our success if given the opportunity to sit on the APS School Board. 

I am running for Aurora Public School Board to ensure that every child in Aurora graduates with the tools needed to be successful from day one. Whether it's college or trade school, our students will have the confidence to enter the workforce making a livable wage before the age of 21! I am running because I believe that we have some of the brightest and most athletic students in the state of Colorado. However, families have lost faith in our ability to properly protect and educate their kids.  Not on my watch! Let's reclaim our district, students, teachers, and schools by voting DuncanForAurora 2021!