Preparing students for life: I believe that students should leave the district prepared for life. Whatever path our students choose after graduation, they should be ready to take on an ever changing world. Students should be acknowledged for all of their skills and receive credentials for that. We will expand the digital badging system and create more opportunities with community, business, technical schools, and other partners in Aurora to give students more access to get hands-on experience. 

Restoring trust: Although I am running for this seat, it will belong to the community. I believe that decisions made by the board should be guided by students, teachers, families, and community. I want to bring back your voice to the board. I will build true partnerships that will guide me as I represent YOU on the board. I want parents and guardians to feel confident in sending their child to their neighborhood school! 

Supporting students around the clock: Our job does not end when the bell rings, we need to support children in and outside of school. We need to build partnerships to ensure that our students, families, and teachers have the support they need outside the classroom, so they can perform their best in the classroom. 

Equity: Equity is rooted in all of our work to ensure ALL students have the ability to be their best. We will always strive to be inclusive and provide ALL communities a quality education.